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Yellow Rice Salad

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Yellow Rice Salad

Yellow Rice Salad

It’s a simple story. Among all of the dishes I prepared last week, and there were many, in between a four course French inspired dinner party for our Ladies International Group, including bouillabaisse, chicken pate, and rib eye Bearnaise topped with a poached egg.

There were molten chocolate cakes and brownies, and then, some fun nostalgia when the team was in town patting lots and lots of burgers for grilling along with a few large side salads prepared for the after game Team Family Tailgate including today’s Spanish inspired Yellow Rice Salad.

Still, busily preparing dishes and writing recipes, and, just plain being caught up in the joy of the moments, sharing time with many friends and special people, the inevitable occurred, oops, I didn’t take photographs on well, on most all of these menu/ingredient items.


Menu items may always be repeated for a photograph but good times and memories with friends and special people in our lives cannot ever be replaced. Right? And so today I share a piece of a simple story, one photographed special dish from experiences with friends and special people of which I am grateful,Spanish inspired Yellow Rice Salad.

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