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Wine Poached Salmon, Peas, Bow Tie Pasta in White Sauce

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Wine Poached Salmon, Peas, Bow Tie Pasta in White Sauce

Wine Poached Salmon, Peas, Bow Tie Pasta in White Sauce

As older homes go, their kitchens sometimes seem awkwardly designed. My family lived in one of these  type homes in Philadelphia for a few years when I began high school.

Just around the corner from our bar/restaurant and next door deli, the kitchen space in this home was a small box shape hosting a lined wall of cabinets with a window over the sink that looked right onto the bricks of the next door row house. Most curious about this kitchen was though it could barely fit a table to accommodate our family, forcing us to mostly share meals in the dining room just steps away, its opposite doorway led into a rectangular room. No one was ever quite certain on the purpose of this area surrounded by tall windows all around. Though often referred to as a pantry, it seemed better suited to a long table and chairs with the exception that its narrow size would prove difficult for five children, or anyone’s family in the neighborhood, who for the most part, had a minimum of that many youngsters in homes at the time, to maneuver in and out of that space on a daily basis. 


Some years later, I would recollect that old kitchen of past upon visiting a friend whose daughter and mine became friendly in nursery school. A scientist by profession, Linda was quite a good cook, always preparing interesting meals, possessing just a natural knack for proper preparation and fresh ingredient combinations, even despite managing the awkward small box shaped kitchen with some odd adjoining area. The layout caused an inconvenient flow throughout the entire culinary process and in between chatting, especially perplexing for a rather large home that surely might have formerly been considered grand of sorts. 


One time in particular I arrived for the luncheon get-together with our daughters and Linda was preparing bow tie pasta. Bow tie pasta at the time was unheard of except upon menus at a limited number of restaurants. One could purchase a one pound bag of this expensive, imported specialty pasta only through an hour long journey to one of the limited ‘gourmet’ shops of the era.


Many years have long gone by since those luncheons shared between Linda and our daughters in nursery school. But today, while preparing Wine Poached Salmon, Peas, Bow Tie Pasta in White Sauce, I look fondly on those memories, remembering how it was not only Linda’s scientific knowledge, her knack in the perfect preparation of foods, her gift for naturally combining flavorful dishes between fresh ingredients while maneuvering a box shaped kitchen with an oddly adjoining space, that I so greatly admired.

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