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“Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction” Wegmans Malvern Cookbook Signing

"Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction" Wegmans Malvern Cookbook Signing

“Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction” Wegmans Malvern Cookbook Signing

Wegmans Malvern Store in Pennsylvania hosted Bobby Flay last Friday evening in a Cookbook Signing Event promoting his latest cookbook: Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction.

In just one evening, the Food Network Rock Star signed over one thousand cookbooks as the folks at Wegman’s streamed an incredibly organized system corralling enthusiasts into small groups one at a time as announced by a good natured employee walking the area with a bullhorn style megaphone.

Earlier in the day, Flay also signed cookbooks at Williams Sonoma at the King of Prussia Mall as part of the collaborative tour between these two stores over some states, including Maryland and Massachusetts.

 Wegmans, the perfect venue for a mega- function of this kind reminds me somewhat of a fifties version of the TV Show Happy Days just not a malt shop, but the joint is jumping. The fascinating part of all this to me is who would have thought that an essential supermarket that offers so much more would be one of the most fun places to be for families of all ages?

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All within what composes about the distance of let’s just say, one block, young couples can enjoy a virtual date night enjoying pretty good food over a beer or a glass or wine listening to a live music performance while watching their children in clear sight playing with other kids or watching a movie on size appropriate chairs. Sans the babysitter arrangements and hourly fee, I am not sure there is a better deal around. It is all so lively and friendly that even the eldest of folks can feel renewed vibrancy taking part of this very warmly inspired community.

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Though it is hard to say if America is equally addicted to Barbecue as it is to beloved Cookbook Author and TV sensation, Flay’s latest cookbook: Barbecue Addiction, with co-writers Stephanie Banyas and Sally Jackson,  is a dedication to the Chef’s daughter, Sophie, expressing his joy in making her smile in her discovery of different foods and ingredients.

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The first part of the cookbook provides a comprehensive section from choosing the correct equipment and cooking processes to Flay’s Top 10 Tips for Perfect Backyard Barbecues. The core choices include Cocktails, Starters, Salads and Sides, Poultry, Pork, Beef and Lamb, Fish and Shellfish followed by Menu ideas. Easy to follow, the recipes express Flay’s southwestern inspired style still expanding in offering some cultural flavor variations such as a Peruvian Chicken and Grilled Halibut with Corn-Coconut Curry Sauce.

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Overseen by Wegmans Malvern Executive Chef, Tim Gyuran, the evenings menu for the cookbook signing event featured specialties inspired by the Barbecue Addiction Cookbook including, Rib Eye with Goat Cheese and Meyer Lemon-Honey Mustard and a Ceviche with Serrano Chilies, Mango and Smoked Tomatoes. The Ceviche was prepared solo style seafood using shrimp combined with peaches rather than the mango. A full range of cocktails offered from the Addiction Cookbook included a Blackberry Mojito. With a few recipes from the cookbook using peaches, currently not in season, one can look forward to creating from among these fresh possibilities late summer during the still traditional barbecue time nationwide.

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Sifting through the cookbook, Addicted to Barbecue provides some inspired recipes for use during the fall sports season circuit Team Family Tailgates. I do apologize to our Annapolis, Maryland, and Boston sports family contingents for not knowing the events in your area prior to Pennsylvania, especially those team friends in our twice-weekly seasonal friendly competitions following matches.

Within the book among a few interesting possibilities easily adjusted for Tailgating and larger crowd Barbecues include New-Potato-Corn Chowder Salad, a great looking Cole-Slaw with Creamy Cumin Lime Dill Vinaigrette, Fig Panzanella, and Spiced Peach Blog is eyeing the Grilled California White Peaches (which will likely be hand-picked in Delaware.)

There are Open- Faced Cuban Pulled Pork Sandwiches, New York Street-Cart Dogs with onion sauce and red pepper relish and Curry-Rubbed Smoked Chicken Thighs.

Wegmans continues to offer Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction Cookbooks at their stores at the discounted thirty-percent off rate so it is not too late to get your copy while they last.

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A well-deserved shout out of compliments goes out to all the excellent employees at the Wegmans Malvern for ensuring such a smooth running event and creating such a positive, electric atmosphere enjoyed by all. Thanks to Donna at the main office for assisting my ticket, much appreciated. Whether you are employee at Wegmans Malvern, a Barbecue Addict, a community member attendee of the event or a sports parent from around the country seasonally cooking at the Team Family Tailgate, with your copy of Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction procured there is only one question left to be answered: Are YOU… ready for a ‘Throwdown’





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