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Vietnamese Style Fried Stuffed Bananas,”Great Food!” cookbook

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Vietnamese Style Fried Stuffed Bananas,"Great Food!" cookbook

Vietnamese Style Fried Stuffed Bananas,”Great Food!” cookbook

Some years ago, I spent time in Hanoi working on a program for Vietnamese adoptions.

For meals, between the bursting freshness of vegetables and herbs combined with various ingredients served piping hot with subtly accented French culinary influence of the countries past, it seemed impossible to get a less than a perfectly satisfying meal of culinary excellence throughout my entire trip.


Many among the homemade Vietnamese delectable delights line along the narrow streets rapidly prepared to order by women, some in conical hats or men standing right in front of two story row house residences where beyond varying street foods such as the traditional Pho, sold the sweet treat, Chuoi Chen, Fried Bananas.


While there are lots of batter varieties and topped coatings among the Chuoi Chen I was recently delighted to prepare a new version of the creamy, sugary sweet, fried fruit sliced and stuffed between chopped pecans and coconut. The recipe was enticingly written as one among the broad collection included in the ‘Great Food!’ cookbook sent to me for review a few months back as part of the California Chefs collection of newly published cookbooks through Chefs Press, Inc.



The ‘Great Food!’ cookbook, written through one of San Diego’s most popular cooking schools called ‘Great News!’ got its start over twenty years ago being the first of its kind selling quality cookware items before eventually developing into a premier gourmet destination of today. Within its pages Great Food cookbook shares all Four Seasons of the ‘Great News!’ Cookware and Cooking School’s Best Classes, Recipes, Equipment, Techniques, and Tips.



Along with a diverse collection of recipes provided in the book, Great Food is much a of ‘How To’ book providing tips for both amateurs and novices alike educating in cooking techniques. While I plan to make some other dishes shared within the pages of the cookbook the fried stuffed bananas sprinkled with white powdered sugar made life seem real sweet even despite its bits of gooey mess in preparation.

In this recipe however, before sprinkling on the 10x the bananas are transferred to a saute pan, simmered in rum and then lit flambe style which adds a bit of elegance and drama.


 While ‘Great Food!’ cookbook lists the Vietnamese Fried Bananas under the spring section of the book, I find these perfect as a unique delight to share with a few intimate friends for winter brunch. Alternatively, these sugary delights also seem perfect as a stay in your pajamas and prepare this treat with the children or those children at heart on some grey, snowy day when dropping temperatures make one desire some indoor warmth, appreciating those rare quiet moments combining solitude with flavorful treasures and fun.


‘Great Food!’ Four Seasons of the Best Classes, Recipes, Equipment, Techniques and Tips from the Great News! Cooking School may be purchased through Chefs Press or Amazon.

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