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Turnip Veloute with Pistachios, Lemon, and Parsley

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Turnip Veloute with Pistachios, Lemon, and Parsley

Turnip Veloute with Pistachios, Lemon, and Parsley


Do you have any favorite cookbooks that inspire you again and again, the photos, the stories, the use of certain ingredients, recipes whose mere perusing makes you sigh in a quiet comforting sort of way?

Many times I’ll never even make a specific dish from among these much loved cookbooks but just slowly turning the pages lends a sort of calm breathing in the possibilities.

On occasion a fabulous dish will catch my eye upon which I’ll stand up carefully close the books cover, and gleefully think to myself. I’m going to make that!


Often times, the ‘that’s it’ barely resembles the initial inspiration of the recipe, but in the case of a recent dinner party with the exception of some adaptation well, maybe some big omission the overall soup served exquisitely as a second course to the meal.

The creamy, velvety, Turnip Veloute, (an accent over the e) with Pistachio, Lemon and Parsley goes by a slightly different name in the cookbook, Fresh From The Market, Seasonal Cooking with Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March.


Though I do not speak French, I do have a basic understanding on the terminology of many foods and dishes in French cuisine.

Precise pronunciations, I leave to my next door neighbor, who is from France.

The word Veloute loosely means velvety, a velvety sauce, or soup. There are some specific veloute sauces and soups prepared with their own specific names, cooked with broths, then combined with perhaps a roux, and, or, combined with cream and egg yolks, though each ultimately produce velvety, creamy finishes.



Delicate flavors. Velvety perfection. 

Voile, turnips, leeks, onions, celery, carrots, butter, broth, salt and pepper. A silky, velvety smooth, Turnip Veloute with Pistachios, Lemon, and Parsley drizzles each bowl to a luscious finale.

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