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Tuna Steak, Tomatoes with Fresh Herbs

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Tuna Steak, Tomatoes with Fresh Herbs

Tuna Steak, Tomatoes with Fresh Herbs

raw tuna steak

Tuna Steaks are a lovely occasional treat, oh so easy to prepare, and outside of the marination time, enable you to put an elegant meal on the table in less than a half-hour.

chopped garlic

There is one key tip when preparing Tuna Steaks- don’t overcook them. Tuna steaks should really be somewhat rare in the very center maintaining its moisture. And just like any nice piece of steak- once you’ve overcooked it there is no going back. 

sliced hot red pepper

Red hot peppers provide a lovely little zing.

cherry tomatoes basil and parsley

Fresh snipped garden herbs offer lots of fresh flavor and a pop of color in the combination. What’s easier than pairing them with some little cherry or grape tomatoes? 

oil and pepper

This dish is also simple to put together for a small dinner party enabling you plenty of time to enjoy your guests.

marinated tuna steak

Though in its presentation of elegance, your guests may even think that you slaved away for hours!

Mums the word, I promise not to tell!

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