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Tortellini Puttanesca

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Tortellini Puttanesca

Tortellini Puttanesca

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as ‘spaghetti in the form of a prostitute’ so just the title lends this dish to plenty of chuckles.


A restaurant special of the day description was easily entertained by Chef meeting with the front of the house before service, embellishing the title into a story for the wait staff suggesting there must be lots of married hot to-ma-toes running around in some small town in Italy for the dish was indicated as one that women could hastily prepare for the evening meal after their afternoon soirees with the men. There was no internet at the time. No one could confirm the story.


The colorfully fresh and bold flavors of Spaghetti in the form of a prostitute was a hit as a special of the day.


It was certainly a way to entertain the back of the house kitchen staff for an evening wondering how the dish might be theatrically played out in any sort of description to diners, most everyone enjoys good storytelling after all eh. Oh Mama Mia.


With varying dates of truth relating to the invention of its preparation in Italy, it seems that Puttanesca did not even involve females, much less prostitutes, but rather a few guys showing up at a restaurant low on ingredients at the time who were so hungry they engaged the chef to just prepare them any sort of dish. A version of this variation is what emerged. I’ll forgo the spaghetti today, we’ll just call it Tortellini Puttanesca.

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