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Top Philadelphia 2014 Lunar New Year Dishes for the Super Bowl

Top Philadelphia 2014 Lunar New Year Dishes for the Super Bowl

Top Philadelphia 2014 Lunar New Year Dishes for the Super Bowl

Given the recent crisis on a predicted Velveeta shortage along with an overall uncertainty choosing from any among the top five, no six, no eight, ‘best of’ ‘most of’ recipes barraged from appetizers to the broad spread buffet for Super Bowl Sunday it happened as good fortune that the Lunar New Year festivities were coinciding at Philadelphia’s Chinatown in the early part of the big game day.


IMG_2723 IMG_2743 IMG_2757

Participating in the annual event offers the triple good luck benefits of scaring away the demons shocked out by intercession of dragons and lions overseeing the continuous long lined stream of firecrackers topped with bunched pale green lettuce leaves. Once set off, the approximate five- foot red roping winding like a snake sputters and crackles in repeatedly powerful deafening booms before settling amidst big clouds of wispy smoke.

Nearby onlookers brush off scattered bits of confetti sticking to hair and clothing, remnants begun on the tall aluminum step ladder transporting its way along the strip of visiting businesses.



The double and triple whammies of good fortune happen upon entering the just purified businesses selling from among abundant choices of good luck foods and assorted wares, and this particular year, galloping into the Year of the Horse, a symbol whose luck did not work out too well for the Broncos, perhaps the apparent lack of firecrackers to the tune of lion and dragon dancers.




This football seasons culmination and not sure who to root for deemed the early decided choice for the Sea Hawks due to their striking blue and green color combination uniforms with the geometric print down the legs and matching fluorescent styled green sneakers clinching a striking fashion statement of flashy, good luck winning style which must offer at least some foresight to an ultimately lucky clean sweep.




Though unusual not to host some type of gathering in celebration of the day, altered timing in plans proved a good choice to get out and spend the day walking on some visible city concrete before yet another predicted snow storm fumbled in, fortunately, averting Bowl Game Time.

Shortly thereafter, white touch down, covering thus far a seven inch blanket while delicate, pure flakes continue sprinkling down the yards.  Game over, the birds continue to ensure their safety on the line.

IMG_2865 IMG_2868

Peking duck from the Siu Kee Duck House was the Super Bowl appetizer feature of the evening, served with the anise and broth flavored dipping sauce, perfectly matched with good American beer filled in a brown jug growler from the local pub.






The buffet set-out transformed to Spring Rolls, earlier prepared by my eldest, Sooky the Stylist, containing lots of long noodles for long life, Scallion Pancakes and Dumplings with more essential dipping liquid of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, Steamed Fish, Fresh Greens with baby bok choy leaves, a bowl of oranges, all scoring here.


the top five,

First Photos 083

no six,


no eight,

Second Photos 045

of the Top Philadelphia 2014 Lunar New Year Dishes for the Super Bowl to serve up for this years big game day, the menu had it all, well, all except the Velveeta.



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