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Tailgate Tuesday Tips


Howdy Tailgate Fans. Hope the sports season has been a winning one with your team, but either way, we all know, surrounding the big game, the show must go on when it comes to the celebration of sharing and enjoying foods between friends at the Tailgate Table.


What do you think about Bob’s Smokin Chicken featured above? Awesome huh?! Recipe upcoming. Last week on Tailgate Tuesday we talked about how almost anything prepared at home can also be transferred to the Tailgate Table. Since Bob only received this smoker from Sooky the Stylist for Father’s Day last year, this specialty is not one prepared at our own Team Tailgate in the past. But it is however, an example on what you might find on lots of college fields especially common in the RV caravans of strong tied alumnae communities who make the annual fall football season a long term social engagement.


If Tailgating is nothing else, it definitely sets the atmosphere for sharing, gathering in old friends, and meeting some new. Yes, and this was so with the couple and their long time gang of Penn State Football Fans sitting next to us at a game some years back (before our college field hockey Team Family Tailgate trail) who by games end had invited us to join in with their RV style Caravan group following the game. Their coveted foods included smoked and grilled specialties set alongside a broad spread of salads and dips, chips, breads all displayed on cloth lined tables with team colors and memorabilia, then complementing a broad array of beverages, even a dessert table.  What a welcome, what a meal, what a memory. A great American tradition.


Both the Mediterranean Style Salad and the Asian Chicken Salad shown above are two examples for this week in the salad segment that make colorful and fresh additions to any Tailgate Table, each portioned into separate containers for travel, then easily dressed and assembled on site before serving. Good old fashioned hospitality and salads  serve a small portion of today’s Tuesday Tailgate Tips when welcoming new and extra guests at your Tailgate celebration for beyond the food, lies the importance of having enough supplies of which to to dish up and serve these great party specialties, these, most easily accomplished with an organized Tailgate Box.

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Last year we had a Post on Spiced Peach Blog noting the importance of the Tailgate Box, focused on Team Family Tailgating, which serves the team, staff, families, and fans following the sporting match. These type of Tailgates to a certain extent, are volume focused, and so great appreciation is afforded the family that takes on the task of the Tailgate Box insuring a smooth running celebration for what may even include a hundred or more people. In this Post we shall close with a list of items needed to make up an efficient Tailgate Box and if you can think of any additional helpful items please feel free to give a shout out and we can add it on in.

Moving along, the Grilled Paella featured above is one of the two prepared paella pans while hosting the team when they came into town a couple years back which went over quite well. The rice was cooked right on the grill not unlike those you might see prepared outdoors at larger town events held in Spain. The exception here was pre-roasting the chicken pieces in the oven, really, a recommended idea for Tailgating unless you actually happen to be a paella expert that learned such timing intricacies outdoors at town events held in Spain.


And finally this weeks busy mom’s dish, those who were lucky to have time to even prepare anything at all. An easy theme here is thinking pasta and beans. Today we have the Orange Black Eyed Pea Salad combined with some fresh quick chop veg, chop, chop, chop and serve on some slivered and squeezed fresh orange dressed kale. And a special note, don’t you know, Black Eyed Peas are Good Luck? They say so anyway.

Best of Good Luck for your team in the upcoming week. See you next week on Tuesday Tailgate Tips. Go Team.



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