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Stuffed Pork with Stale Baguettes

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Stuffed Pork with Stale Baguettes

Stuffed Pork with Stale Baguettes

Stale Baguettes are useful in any number of ways, for preparing breadcrumbs or bread pudding, crisped at a low temperature brushed with olive oil for bruschetta, and in today’s recipe are perfect as a stuffing mixed into a combination such as spinach, garlic, mushrooms and Parmesan between two boneless center-cut slices of pork.

One tip that makes it easier to use stale baguettes instead of tossing them away after sitting in your pantry for any designated period is to slice them thinly the day you purchase them and return the slices right back into the bread bag. This makes it so much easier to work with than a rock hard baguette that requires taking a hammer to beforehand.

Last weekend my next -door neighbor had a free evening to herself and so we planned to just catch up on things over dinner at my house (and enjoy a couple of cocktails too.)

My Post for the day finished, I began preparing dinner. After about my fifth ‘taste testing’ of broken stale baguette pieces softened in the pan delicately flavored from the butter and sauteed mushrooms they got transferred to a bowl and mixed with the fresh spinach cooked with garlic and olive oil it occurred to me this would make a great dish to share.


Finished photographing before my neighbor arrived; instead of calling the dish: ‘Stuffed Pork with Stale Baguette’, it artfully transformed as, ‘Stuffed Boneless Grain Fed Center Cut Pork Slices with sauteed Spinach, Garlic, Mushrooms, and Parmesan Cheese’ Heck, the simple idea being that no matter the title there are many ways to use up your Stale Baguette.

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