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Maryland Rockfish, Stuffed Asian Style, Reeling in the Winter Catch, Miss Susie Charters

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Maryland Rockfish, Stuffed Asian Style, Reeling in the Winter Catch, Miss Susie Charters

Maryland Rockfish, Stuffed Asian Style, Reeling in the Winter Catch, Miss Susie Charters


Harmonious blending between salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean merged into fresh waters of straight and winding rivers and streams, this is the place of the Chesapeake Bay.

Offering popular sport among a variety of game fish trolling for the prized Maryland Rockfish, also known as striped bass was the catch of the day combined with temperate warm weather late into the third week in December when some of the senior field hockey player Dads from American University boarded Captain Greg Buckner’s forty-four foot ‘fishing machine’ with Miss Susie Charters in Solomons Island, Maryland.


Checking out the hooked line of success, one of these fifteen pounders highlighted as a holiday appetizer buffet item baked and served to guests alongside stacks of glass plates, piles of forks, a wooden block of  cheeses with meats resembling some type charcuterie assembled within a version of traditional accompaniments.


While anticipating this beauty of a whole fresh caught Rockfish to be the trophy feature among the culinary showcase of the day, with plenty of other rich selections already in tow for the holiday meal I decided to prepare the fish lightly, enabling emergence of the fresh clean flavor exposed through the delicate yet meaty white fish rarely tasted so purely except upon these notable occasions of dining a fresh catch reeled straight from water to the table.


This fish to table, offered a slight variation from the stuffed with crabmeat version often popular in Maryland providing a decidedly Asian twist, its inside cavities, including an extra slit made alongside the dorsal fin lightly rubbed with sesame salt, soy sauce, and sesame oil.


Overstuffed, the colorful variety of thinly sliced fresh vegetables mixture involved shoving back in the odd pieces bursting forth while wrestling the task of firmly tying each end and the center fully encasing the large whole fish using kitchen string.  


Mostly tucked inside with a bit of grated carrot or a tip of red pepper sticking out here and there, the vegetables subtly gave way to their designated placement while wilting inside the whole Rockfish, a moist blend developing a complexity of flavors between the fish juices, soy sauce and sesame oil dripping flavorings  into the whole.


Forty-five minutes later, cooked through and set on a long decorative tray, the Rockfish topped with lots of freshly scented green cilantro leaves readied for its glazed topping created by heating together a small amount of sesame oil with canola oil until just sizzling before emerging an instant swoosh pouring the soy sauce into the hot oils then returning the mixture back to the heat for mere seconds before finally drizzling the dark, thin, liquid juices just across the top of the whole fish.

Easily spooned over plated forkfuls of richly flavored white fish combined with the vegetables. Stuffed Maryland Rockfish, Reeling in the Winter Catch, Asian Style, Miss Susie Charters.




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