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Steamed Fresh Vegetables with Shredded Artisan Cheese

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Steamed Fresh Vegetables with Shredded Artisan Cheese

Steamed Fresh Vegetables with Shredded Artisan Cheese

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With lots of fresh seasonal choices abounding at the Market these days, one way to create an easy meal is by simply steaming your fresh vegetables then topping them off with lots of aged shredded Artisan Cheese.

While most Artisan cheeses are a bit pricier and lend well on a cheese platter the flavors are generally so rich that a shredded addition can take your fresh steamed vegetables from something simple to something spectacular.

This seasoned for cutting Artisan Cheese Wheel is prepared out at the Doe Run Farm in Chester County.

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While you can steam all of your vegetables in one metal steamer basket, some vegetables will take longer to cook than others so you only need to add in the longer cooking vegetables first and as they are about half done add in the other vegetables making room in the steamer basket for the new additions.

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Once your vegetables are cooked, lay them out across a large heatproof platter, sprinkle them with a little season salt if desired then top with your shredded Artisan Cheese broiling for a few minutes until the cheese melts and is just beginning to turn a golden color.

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You can use any combination of vegetables that you choose and it also a great way to serve up some of the extra zucchini and summer squash overgrowing in the garden.

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 Peaches are at their peak this weekend and might provide a wonderful finish to this easy and quick meal, either way hope you take advantage of the fresh bounty including a broad array of fresh vegetables that serve well just plain steamed up and topped with your favorite Artisan Cheese.

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