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Split Pea Soup

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Split Pea Soup

Green Split Peas

One of the fun and interesting parts of my day over these weeks has been reading and seeing what everyone has been cooking.

Some of the delightful features have been exclamations such as ‘look at this or that’ among freshly prepared assorted baked goods from those claiming not to be good bakers. Others shared dishes of specialties they have always wanted to prepare, cultural delicacies, or just making the best from a few simple pantry ingredients. In some ways, there have been blessings in having the time to stop and smell the roses.

As for me, along with realizing that I’ve never posted a recipe for basic Split Pea Soup, I had been cooking plenty over the month while my Grandson, the J-Dude was with me in Las Vegas.

flowering cactus

The Dude is now fourteen. That special age where you look at them [insert here] child, grandchild, a family friend and think to yourself: Who are you? And what have you done to my [insert here] child, grandchild, a family friend?

desert flowers and cactus

Fortunately, Nevada is spacious, bright, and sunny so the daily afternoon hikes offered the respite highlight for fresh air and exercise since few places were open beyond grocery stores, drug stores and an occasional thrill of the drive-thru.

flowering cactus

Being Spring, beyond the ever-enduring mountain majesties and vast blue skies were the desert landscapes dotted with cactus and other shrubbery bursting forth in hues of deep pinks, yellow, and orange.

Hualupi Trail

There are a variety of walking trails besides mountain bases. While the hiking areas remain open we couldn’t really drive out to the initial places I would have liked to share due to bathrooms and restaurants being shut down once we would arrive at such destinations.

garlic and fresh thyme

Pacific to Atlantic Time Zones ensured early rising for school telelearning each day so before I would move to sit and sitting and sitting while waiting for the days scheduled class and classwork completion, I would prepare the evening meal.

Green Split Pea Soup with a cup of ham is healthy, hearty, and very economical to prepare which has always made it a great go-to for family meals. Only requiring some basic staple ingredients, once cooked, I transfer around a cup of the cooked Split Peas to a bowl while processing or blending the remainder which provides a creamy split pea soup with just a nice amount of texture.

cubed ham

With Jason returning home to Atlanta last week, I’ve got a couple of creamy green Split Pea Soup containers in the freezer for future meals. These will likely come in handy since such pathetic little re-opening progress has been occurring throughout this state despite over one hundred degree temperatures and daily beating sunshine. These stepped up ‘added precautions’ this week come literally and precisely on the heels of a battle between the governor of the state of Nevada and the Mayor of Las Vegas who was made to appear as a fool for noting the insanity of not re-opening the city. It is insanity. While the Casinos no doubt will need to adhere to certain added precautions, we are in summer temperatures here. Wasn’t summer clearly stated numerous times by the medical experts as being the time of respite from this disaster? There comes a point in the road where you finally have to wonder and acknowledge things. Like Patrick Henry once said, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”


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