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Spicy Crab Soup

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Spicy Crab Soup

Spicy Crab Soup

Do you think it is possible to become infatuated with a state simply based on one food ingredient? How about being just plain ole smitten with the state of Maryland? Oh Maryland baby you had me at Crab. Maryland Blue Crab.

From May to September there are few things more pleasurable than being on a dock somewhere off the Chesapeake Bay sat with paper lined tables piled with bright orange red crabs coarsely coated with copious amounts of spicy Old Bay Seasoning.  Wooden hammers alongside provide for cracking the hard shelled specialty. All with a pitcher of icy cold beer. And “it doesn’t get better than this.”


So last week, my youngest, Alex the Athlete who now lives in Maryland was home for the weekend. Her current residence location now provides more opportunities for detoured routes for enjoying those spicy, steamed, Maryland Blue Crabs over the summer.

Did I mention steamed, Blue Crab with the classic, spicy reddish colored Old Bay Seasoning?

Spicy Crab Soup became the order of the day. What’s not to love about a soup with Maryland Blue Crab and Old Bay Seasoning? This brings me to another favorite in Maryland, Maryland Crab Soup.

Most often Maryland Crab Soup includes corn and lima beans but I didn’t include the limas in this recipe, perhaps it was sort of like holding something back for the specialty awaiting in the hot weeks ahead. Oh Maryland baby you had me at crab. Maryland Blue Crab. 

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