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Spiced Butternut Squash Tacos, and Chaia, a DC fresh taco flavor experience

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Spiced Butternut Squash Tacos

Spiced Butternut Squash Tacos, and Chaia, a DC fresh taco flavor experience not to be missed

A limited number of firm, almost beige outer cored, unblemished butternut squash sat slotted in between piles of other brightly colored fresh produce at the Asian market last week.  

Inspired by a recent impressive tasting experience of delicious Butternut Squash Tacos when attending the Ninth Salute to Women in Gastronomy, called ‘Celebrating Food’ hosted by the Les Dames d’ Escoffier Washington, DC, Chapter held at the Shady Grove campus at the University of Maryland.


I decided to prepare from the inspired memory this unique use of a fresh vegetable and prepare these colorful, tasty Butternut Squash Tacos for sharing today.


The concept of building tacos using fresh seasonal ingredients have been gaining in popularity of late and why not? It tastes great and it’s healthy too.

In today’s recipe, we’ll use store bought, locally produced, corn tortillas, a bit of red pepper, onion, and jalapeno with a few Mexican style spices.


Now as a must- try alert to DC readers looking for an exceptionally flavored fresh vegetable taco experience of dreams you will definitely want to taste test the tacos of Chaia whose acclaimed culinary success within vegetarian Latin American influence has been widely praised.

 Though Chaia plans a landmark location in its future, currently these small, fresh, round, tasty specialties are only sold at area DC Pop Ups and Farmers Markets.

Preparing and rolling their own homemade corn tortillas then topping them with fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients has put Chaia (formerly Chaya) on the food map with kudos from even the Washington Post marking the female owners of Chaia, Bettina Stern and Suzanne Simon among the nine up and coming tastemakers in the DC area.

While waiting in the line of buzz at the sampling station I also took note from the corner of my eye some other magazine and PR materials with positive reviews about Chaia. After just one bite of their freshly made squash tacos lined with brightly colored micro greens, I easily understood why. Wow.





You can view the Chaia website here and by looking under the tab of upcoming events you can view where Chaia will be serving up their fabulous and fresh tacos next.

Meanwhile, since it is winter and I’m not making the usual twice weekly trips to DC like in the fall during the field hockey season, for now I’ll enjoy the preparation of these simple and tasty Spiced Butternut Squash Tacos inspired through the talent at Chaia.

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