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Sorrel Vichyssoise

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Sorrel Vichyssoise

Sorrel Vichyssoise

Sorrel Vichyssoise. Bright green leaves of perennial sorrel serve as a lovely backdrop adding dimensional depth and color to surrounding planters on the deck.


Escaping the heavy breath of humidity in a garden beneath, planters of edibles just outside the door make convenient the plan of preparing a satisfying meal on days when sipping lemonade while reading a good novel seems the more appealing choice.


A sharp flavor, clean green, transforming on the tongue to momentary citrus, a sour lemon, before the full burst of crisp, tart bitter, each taste sensation unique in one mere bite.


Cooking this herb with leeks and potatoes in soup then mellows the flavor combining together into a silky smooth.


Just five simple ingredients, four, if not using half and half at the finish. A few seasonings, salt, cayenne, nutmeg.


Fresh clipped chives from the sorrel’s deck planter neighbor top the whitish colored combination with a pale tint of green. You can serve it cool or warm.


Sorrel Vichyssoise.

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