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Soft Shell Crabs, Lemon Butter Sauce

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Soft Shell Crabs with Lemon Butter Sauce

Today we have a very easy to prepare, fancy meal, Soft Shell Crabs, Lemon Butter Sauce. A sort of rich delicacy unto itself, you too might agree that there is something entirely elegant about Soft Shell Crab.


The molted exoskeleton of the Soft Shell Crab makes it quite soft, with an ever so slight crunch, differing then from the flavor profile of those crabs whose shells have hardened to: Hard Shell Crab. Hard Shell Crabs are typically cooked in large batches, and especially if you live in nearby driving distance to Maryland, served on long rolled sheets of paper tablecloths alongside wooden hammers for removing the inner sweet meats between heavily coated, crusted bits of Old Bay seasoning. One might eat many crabs over the course of hours. In the case of Soft Shell Crabs, one Soft Shell Crab per person is quite filling enough.


Seasonally cherished by some diners at restaurants, mostly sautéed or deep fried, the Soft Shell Crab may be adorned with any number of garnishes and sauces. I’m in the camp when it comes to Soft Shell crabs that simple is best.


Soft Shell Crabs are seasonal with limited availability, late spring through early summer, if you can find them, though quite possibly this might be a bit easier at its regional source. Cleaning Soft Shell Crabs for preparation is simple, but nowadays it seems they are most always sold ready cleaned, and at any fish market the monger will always clean them for you right on site, leaving you to merely dip and  sauté to get the essential job done. Enjoy your fancy meal in its limited season, quick and easy to prepare, and oh so elegant, Soft Shell Crabs, Lemon Butter Sauce.



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