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Smoked Pork and White Bean Soup

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Smoked Pork and White Bean Soup

Smoked Pork and White Bean Soup


Soup, soup, soup. So warm and comforting in the winter, so refreshing in the summer.


Some slices of leftover, smoked pork, alongside a large, meaty, bone from Bob’s newest ‘smoker’ creation over the weekend provided today’s meal of sustaining delight,  Smoked Pork and White Bean Soup. Not sure about yours, but outside of the savories remaining from the Thanksgiving turkey, or Christmas dinner, two occasions a year, my family, otherwise, are not so much into leftovers. They don’t say this, but the subtle behavior associated provides as if some sort of an affront has occurred, ruining the peace of the most sacred meal of the day. The roundabout solution resolved in one word, soup.


During the winter months countless soups may be prepared with a very simple base, onions, celery, and carrots. From there you simply build on your ingredients among what you have in your kitchen combined with your choice of broth base, and don’t forget to save and use those retaining meat juices, turned gelatinous after refrigeration, collected from cooking, tenting, and slicing time.  The making of soup can be as simple or complex as you like, and though today’s soup enjoyed the long simmer of a Sunday afternoon, and, I did soak these dried beans overnight, it is still manageable to prepare a healthy soup any night of the week, including those using leftovers from another meal.


Darn. This then brings me to a clincher, actually, one of my cooking peeves. Broth. Life is so busy today, and between work and activity schedules, if one is not used to cooking all of their lives, it may be difficult to come up with ideas on daily preparation. And there is broth, chicken broth. Well, there are lots of other broths too, but for today the chicken is my point, a basic simmered chicken carcass. My most recent cooking class is called, for lack of coming up with a pithy title, one chicken, two chicken, how to serve your family healthy, reasonably priced soups and dishes from around the world. Actually, if you are interested in taking this class please give me a shout out and I’ll let you know where, Peggy@spicedpeachblog.com


Anyway, I know I’ve said it before, but you would be amazed at how much better you and your family would be eating by using just 2 simple frying chickens a week, including the endless provision for creating soups. Good for you, flavorful soups. Soups. Soups.


Soups. With broth in tow, so many variations to choose from, even using a simple base of onions, celery, carrots tending a long simmer of a Sunday afternoon, Smoked Pork and White Bean Soup, creatively using up the leftovers, while keeping peace at the most sacred meal of the day.

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