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Shrimp in Mustard Sauce

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Shrimp in Mustard Sauce

Shrimp in Mustard Sauce

Have you ever gone to a party at someone’s home, enjoyed a particular dish, then later after writing down the recipe misplaced it? I have. Once you recognize that you have misplaced the recipe and have little time to search, have you ever just recreated the recipe in your mind as you recall it? One of those misplaced, recreated recipes for me is Shrimp in Mustard Sauce.

This Shrimp in Mustard Sauce can be served as a hors d’ oeuvre, appetizer or on the buffet table and any way its served will more than likely be overwhelmingly popular among your guests. It is also quick and easy to prepare.

The funny thing is, I recently found the original recipe for Shrimp in Mustard Sauce and there were a good few ingredients in it that I had never incorporated into the dish.

Two of the ingredients were Tarragon Vinegar and Fresh Chopped Tarragon, oops.

Tarragon is a flavor that falls into one of two categories, some people love it’s licorice like flavor and strong scent and some people do not care for it at all. Even if you enjoy the flavor of tarragon, a small amount goes a long way then taking care not to overwhelm combined ingredients.

However, feel free to try your Shrimp in Mustard Sauce with the Tarragon Vinegar and Fresh Chopped Tarragon if you like it and want to give it a try.

Any way you choose adding in a little of this or that will work, simpy using the recipe below and adapting to your own desired taste. This colorful, flavorful and simple dish at your holiday buffet will bring so many raves it may become one of your favorites to serve for many years to come, Shrimp in Mustard Sauce.





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