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Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stacks

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Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stacks

Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stacks

Have you ever prepared a classic specialty so simple and so popular that you never even bothered to write it down?

Years back, there was a time that I hardly, maybe never, went to any event or party in the Philadelphia area where Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stacks or Pinwheels were not served. Always a winner, I even used to prepare these for football tailgates.


Stacked, or rolled up and cut into pinwheels, this little retro hors d’ oeuvre was served, even sort of center stage, that is, alongside the famous baked dough wrapped cocktail mini hot dogs.

Perhaps you too have prepared the Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stacks?

A still active recipe on the Kraft website with Philadelphia Cream Cheese perhaps provides an indicator that the hors d’ oeuvre continues appearing at social events or special occasions somewhere.

The only difference I noticed in the recipe preparation from years back is the use of horseradish blended with the cream cheese, which I have never done, and do not recall ever tasting, though I did blend in a bit of spicy mustard now and again.



And so whats with the Seltzer’s brand of Lebanon Bologna? O.K. I admit it, my whole recent inspiration on preparing this long lost love of an hors d’ oeuvre came along with a horror of someone at a deli counter buying just plain ole Lebanon Bologna. What?

The lunch meat didn’t even have a distinctive color, look, or scent of the only Lebanon Bologna we served at our deli when I was growing up, or, that I ever used as an adult,  the respected and treasured flavor of Seltzer’s. Seltzer’s is made right here in Pennsylvania, back then, you needn’t even call it by brand name, no other brand would even be considered. 

Since the other brand was on sale, I got a quarter pound to check it out, and the next day, I kid you not, I literally and promptly went right back out to find the Seltzer’s, a whole pound of it.

Though today’s recipe only calls for a half pound or a bit more, this traditionally smoke house cured lean beef preparation is also excellent cut into cubes and served alongside a cheese platter with spicy mustard, the tangy combination and distinctive great smoky scent knocks your socks off. It’s great on sandwiches too. It’s a Pennsylvania tradition.

Bringing back a retro recipe is kind of fun, especially when even time has not altered the precise taste fondly remembered, insuring great flavor memories, yep, for me, consider my personal recipe now written down for posterity, and it’s called, Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stacks.

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