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‘Safari’ Cocktail with Hibiscus Flower

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Safari Cocktail with Hibiscus Flower

‘Safari’ Cocktail with Hibiscus Flower

Drenched in a mesmerized dream being warmed by the sun, soft sand beneath your feet and calmed by the washing of the waves. Despite being early afternoon you set care to the wind announcing it must be five-o-clock somewhere in the world.

You then assuage any teensy bit of lingering guilt assuring yourself that one of those icy cold fruity cocktails that they serve beach side fully captures the daily requirements of vitamin c, its bright colored garnish, excluding the paper umbrella, provide at least two select healthy fruits for the day.

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Ah yes, we all remember those moments of relaxing vacations spent enjoying fruity cocktails on the beach. Well, I wasn’t exactly on the beach this past March but I was on Safari, well not really a Safari, but I did attend the Sofitel Philadelphia event at Liberte Lounge in March, Taming of the Stripes.

The Opening event featuring the art exhibit of legendary French Artist Norma Bessieres whose painted stripes involves a grand variety of zebras with colorfully inspired African influence, like being on safari.

To celebrate a first viewing of the select paintings both on view and for sale at Liberte Lounge at the Sofitel until July, the celebration menu then matched the theme flavors featuring African hors d’ oeuvres created by Chef Jim Coleman alongside select cocktails, including the Safari Cocktail shared today.

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Lots of conversation stirred around the Safari garnish that evening, the bloomed flower at the bottom of the cocktail glass inspired lots of conversation. The dark red- purple colored flower was initially rumored as being from the magnolia family (not true) and its taste was thoroughly discussed as resembling everything from a baby artichoke to a combination of apple and cranberry.

I later did a little research on this flower, enough at least to learn that the Hibiscus really does contain vitamin C,  some minerals too, and serves as a medicinal in a variety of places around the world, so there you have it, the healthy garnish only adds to this nutritious cocktail. Right?

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 Only memories remain of my March evening on Safari, including the flavor of the drink with the beautifully flavored hibiscus flower, but with a recipe of the Safari Cocktail now at hand you can now enjoy this specialty anytime, after all, it is always five-o-clock somewhere in the world.

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Norma Bessieres

The Works of “La Dame Aux Zebres”

Capturing the rich natural beauty of the Zebra 

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