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Rosemary & Goose Fat Popovers

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Rosemary and Goose Fat Popovers

Rosemary & Goose Fat Popovers

Last week we prepared a holiday Roasted Goose on Spiced Peach which also then provided us with lots of delicious rendered grease, perfect for assorted uses such as these Rosemary and Goose Fat Popovers. 


Popovers are quite easy to prepare following a few quick tricks; your oven needs to be preheated and brought up to the precise 450 degree temperature, along with heating your well greased popover pan, then, once ‘popped’ into the oven, you must never, ever open the oven door until your Popovers are fully baked and ready to pull out of the oven. You can also use a deep sized cupcake pan that depending on the depth you would fill two-thirds to three quarters of the way full until your batter is all used up.


This recipe was adapted from King Arthur Flour (that by the way I’ve found to be a dependable source for recipes) switching out butter using melted goose fat. I also used melted goose fat for greasing the popover pan both inside and all around the area of the pan indicated in my recipe below. Also incorporated into today’s popover, fresh chopped rosemary and cracked black pepper, all combined, provided an incredible tasty accompaniment to the evening meal, you might even serve these with any type Sunday Roast or stew, particularly if dunking is well suited. There are many popover variations that you can bake suiting your needs of the moment, including from cheesy, to a plain buttery popover that might be served with a generous slathering of fresh butter and jam for breakfast.


Oops, when I mentioned a few tricks in preparing perfect popovers, I probably should also have mentioned, just as a reminder, though included in the recipe, is that you’ll want to set your eggs in warm water for ten minutes along with warming your milk to lukewarm when preparing your batter. 


Look how pretty those eggs are.


And naturally, if I’m adapting a King Arthur Flour recipe it only makes sense that I use their flour.


Salt and Pepper.



Goose fat before melting. I probably should have photographed it in the little butter melting pan that I use but look how creamy it looks, almost like mayonnaise.


And here we have the batter, no lumps. Beat your eggs before incorporating the other ingredients, then some rigorous whisking will ease the infusion, I think in perhaps less than a minute.


Aren’t they lovely? By now you are hopefully well along in most areas that need attending for your holiday celebration (s) from home decorating, gift buying and wrapping, to baking and preparing from among the countless required details of your parties or feasts, whew. If you are like me, around this point in the season, to avoid feeling overwhelmed even in the rush, you move into a rhythm of oblivion, whereby you are not sure exactly how many days there are until Christmas, and you don’t particularly want to become too aware fearing the ‘ghost of frantic present’ who might be lingering in the shadows readied to transform cheeriness of simple pleasures and concentration of tasks at hand, to that of chaos and disruption. I’m wishing you many seasonal delights and moments of cheery simplicity while working through the details, no matter how many days it is until Christmas. Happy Christmas Season!

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