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Rockfish, Lobster Thermidor Style

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Rockfish Lobster Thermidor Style

Rockfish, Lobster Thermidor Style

The official date is now set for the annual Rockfish fishing expedition among some of the old college field hockey dads rigging up for reeling in their maximum supply of Maryland Rockfish with Capt Greg Buckner of Miss Susie Charters in the Chesapeake Bay.

This now enables me to finish off the final freezer reserve before the next catch of these beautiful large fish arrives just off the boat, readied for filleting, shortly before Christmas.


The annual Rockfish fishing expedition launched a few years back by Mark (a former tough tailgate competitor) has evolved as an interesting opportunity for me to test out a variety of ways to prepare Rockfish and in this version we have Rockfish, Lobster Thermidor Style.


The Rockfish (also called Striped Bass) is baked and topped with a creamy bechamel sauce transitioned with the addition of brandy, half and half,  strained liquid from the cooked lobster, then thickened in creaminess with the addition of cheese. In my second preparation of today’s dish while firming up the recipe, a little added color seemed necessary for the photo, hence the baby broccoli which actually ended up enhancing the flavor profile, along with the colorfully tinted orange garnish roasted shrimp.  A decadent dish, no doubt, but another delicious example in the versatility of this firm fleshed white fish.


Other Rockfish recipes shared here on Spiced Peach Blog include Maryland Rockfish, Stuffed Asian Style. This dish I served on Christmas Day as an appetizer to a large crowd simply setting the Rockfish on a long tray aside some small plates and forks which went over so well the literal bone skeleton remained.


I’ve also shared Rockfish with Mussels, Shrimp & Star Fruit Salsa which serves a lovely warm weather meal.


Next up, besides hoping for a new photo of all the Dad’s together with their 2016 catch, I’ve been working on a new recipe preparing Rockfish Malaysian style that I’m looking forward to sharing with you sometime in the near future.


Fish Tales are good. Heck, a maximum catch of the biggest Rockfish pulled from the Chesapeake is even better, thus continuing to provide me a stock up for more diverse recipe testing and sharing. Let the reeling in begin.


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