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Cooking with Kids, Homemade Pasta

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Cooking with Kids, Homemade Pasta

Cooking with Kids, Homemade Pasta

Cooking with Kids, Homemade Pasta

Can you guess a child made this fresh homemade pasta?

Yes. It is true. Today’s fettuccine dish was the first pasta making experience for my eight year old grandson the J-Dude.

Cooking with Kids Homemade Pasta

This is what real cooking looks like, unpolished, and full of joy in the special moment shared together. This is what it is really all about when cooking with kids, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It needs to be fun. There is no waiting for a special moment.


Now, as I shared with you the Dude is eight so I ask you, what does a boy of eight like more than equipment? Motorized Equipment.

You know, tools that rev and make lots of roaring noise. I’ve a couple easy choices on this, a food processor for preparing the pasta dough and a Kitchen Aid Mixer and Pasta Attachment.

Since this is 2014, I suppose I’m required to make the disclaimer, yes, you do need to supervise eight year old boys with food processors, mixers, and pasta attachments, including when you get to the cutter attachment.


One of the Dude’s favorite jobs is pulsing the food processor. He’s quite good at it and with experience has actually become accomplished at not pulsing to a full blasted roar. This is important in preparing food processor pasta dough.

Then there is the bit of kneading, another enjoyable job using ones hands and not requiring as much time and effort when using the food processor first, just long enough before becoming bored.

The fun really kicks in on the pasta with the exciting adventure and all time favorite blast of feeding each piece of dough through the pasta sheet roller, folding it up into thirds before feeding it through again, and again, and again, the goal of course, making the pasta sheets as long as he possibly could. And why not? It’s all part of the fun and the experience.


By the time each pasta sheet was completed and cut, we had some really, really, really, long fettuccine noodles. All I could think of was the scene from one of my very favorite movies, Defending Your Life. Taking place in Judgement City after death where everyone can ‘eat all they like, as much as they like’ of the best foods on earth with no consequence. Albert Brook becomes sheepishly horrified at the table when his dining partner (and true love) Meryl Streep, pleasurably slurps up these really, really long strands of pasta while barely being able to focus on eating his choice of the best shrimp ever due to his prosecutor being in the same restaurant. 



It took the child in this case to bring the adult back from movie land thinking how much fun it might just be to slurp up some really, really, long noodles. The Dude suggested we cut the long fettuccine strands in half bringing them to just about standard size. I got back to the adult world of roasting the garlic and tomatoes. And as for the J-Dude, there are other fun things besides only cooking with ones Me-Mom.


 It was off with his buddies and roller blading, bike riding, exercising the new pet hermit crabs on the deck. 

Cooking with Kids, Homemade Pasta, is a great activity for sharing time together, having fun, and creating special memories just living in the moment.

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