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Roast Carrots with butter, cumin, and orange, The Cottage Cooking Club

Roast Carrots with butter, cumin, orange

Welcome to the May edition of the Cottage Cooking Club.

A reunion of sorts, our international online cooking club has renewed gathering on a casual basis under the direction of our talented leader, Andrea Mohr out of Bonn Germany, aka, The Kitchen Lioness

Featuring other cookbooks of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall the group prepares whichever dishes they choose from the pages of River Cottage Every Day, and or Love Your Leftovers.

This month I prepared two vegetable selections which suited well to the climate of the east coast for although the holiday weekend ushered in the summer season, continuous rain and cooler temperatures lent comfortably to warm vegetable sides.

The first dish was Roast carrots with butter, cumin, and orange. Roasted until tender, the carrots were tossed with some salt, pepper and cumin seeds and cooked in a dish warmed with butter and olive oil. Once done, the foil was removed and the carrots continued their roasting process until caramelized.  The finishing touch before serving included some grated orange zest and a sprinkling of the fresh juice. The carrots looked lovely and tasted delicious and with none leftover, the dish was clearly enjoyed by all.

Cauliflower Cheese

The second dish, Cauliflower cheese was another tasty preparation cooking the cauliflower florets before tossing into a prepared roux with a strained, warm seasoned milk along with a mixture of white cheddar and Parmesan cheeses. Transferred to a baking dish, the creamy Cauliflower was then topped with remaining cheese and baked in the oven until hot throughout and the top fully melted. Another delightful dish, not the tiniest of florets remained.

Thank you to Andrea, The Kitchen Lioness for another opportunity of sharing our cooking experiences together through the Cottage Cooking Club. To see what other members prepared over the month click here.

The Cottage Cooking Club

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