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Quiche Honore

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Quiche Honore

Quiche Honore

In some ways the Quiche once seemed a fad to sweep this country with its various combined versions of savory ingredients served at luncheons, brunches, light dinners, and oftentimes in different shapes and sizes at all types of parties and gatherings.

Despite its flavor and ease of serving hot, cold, or room temperature the vogue also seemed to coincide with the saying “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche.”  I dare say that many of those who took to this buzz line constantly repeated like a top twenty hit hardly realized that the line was the title of a book merely ‘satirizing the stereotypes of masculinity.’

Nevertheless, there it was out there like the incubation of a chicken sitting on eggs until finally pushed out. Shortly thereafter, the women’s luncheon dish and the trend of the popular ready to go gourmet take-out dish then faded to the next emerging taste.

Quiche Honore

Perhaps the essence in the longstanding commonality of the Quiche was doomed at the beginning om its name Lorraine. Perhaps the Quiche would have served better longevity as Quiche Arthur or Quiche Philippe with its same traditional common ingredients, crispy cooked bacon, perhaps ham. Who could deny ‘real men’ enjoying such a dish.


I have never really stopped appreciating the value of a good Quiche admiring its versatility in preparing between many choice ingredients then seasoned and blended together in one light, crusty, creamy delight.


Today’s Quiche of crabmeat, cheese, and parsley decoratively topped with arranged thin blanched asparagus and seeded cherry tomatoes is one among the endless possibilities created with this humble yet elegant dish that seems to deserve some culinary stature, Honore. Therefore, I’ve decided to call the recipe Quiche Honore, a decidedly manly name and complementary to Lorraine’s family. Perhaps someday at the next resurgence filling the fluted tart pans we shall gather at the table together proclaiming ‘Real People Do Eat Quiche.’

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