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Pork Chipotle Tostadas

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Pork Chipotle Tostados

Pork Chipotle Tostadas

Aren’t Tostadas such a pretty food? With fresh and colorful combinations you can pick and choose whatever your heart desires, though on today’s meat pick, these Pork Chipotle Tostadas are positively delish!

Cardenas Tostada Shells

Today’s recipe ingredients were all rounded up at Cardenas, a popular Latino Market in Las Vegas which freshly prepares its tostada shells and assorted tortillas at the back side of the store, and if you time it right they are still nice and hot packaged into designated serving bags.

The fresh pork somewhat resembled country ribs cut into one third size pieces though with small bone still attached. The package written in Spanish indicated pork with bone-in. You could alternatively use a bone-in pork loin end roast, a pork butt, or pork shoulder roast then cut into three to four inch pieces braising with chipotle flavored ingredients until tender.

Tomatillo Salsa

cilantro leaves


The tostadas are quick and easy to assemble if you prepare the pork one day in advance which is what I did also allowing the flavors to fully develop and upon reheating enabling the sauce to thicken up before a final tossing with cut up or shredded pork at serving time. Pasar Bien!

red cabbage



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