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Baked Whole Pompano Grigliata on Sea Salt

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Baked Whole Pompano on Sea Salt

Baked Whole Pompano Grigliata on Sea Salt

On occasion the International Market will feature a fish not so commonly available in the region.

Today’s fish is Pompano.

Many times foods are identified based on how they are sold, where they come from, or even what they are named by a cultural community.

The appearance is that this is a Florida Pompano. As is commonly the norm in international markets a named origin was not indicated either way on the black marker labeled cardboard square attached to the metal clip holder set in a large rectangular tub of ice of the fish section.


Along with the Baked Whole Pompano cooked on sea salt we have Grigliata.  

The word ‘Grigliata’ in Italian actually means to grill. Grilling meats or foods. A combination of grilled foods. 

And yet we have another name for ‘Grigliata’ today. A grinder bottle whose namesake from Dean and DeLucca in New York provides an intoxicating mix of a delightfully scented spice combination whose mix enhances foods with a unique, distinctive flavor.

Perhaps the created intention was meant for grinding upon grilled foods.



Clean tasting and simple Baked Whole Pompano Grigliata on Sea Salt is a tasty pick, especially if the not so commonly available Pompano fish makes an appearance in a big tub of ice at the fish section of your market.

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