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Peach Crisp

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Peach Crisp

Peach Crisp

I think I must have gotten too much sun over the past couple of weeks in our bi-annual family reunion at the Jersey shore, for seeing these lovely glass handled servers on a quick stop- in at Home Goods, my brain seemed to forget to remind me that grey is not the best color for food photography.


Oh well. Anyway these gems still suit perfectly for lots of type dishes, including today’s Peach Crisp, or, more to the point, using up these half dozen peaches that started out, well, rather perfectly peachy, but between preparing other foods for the shore and the overall chaos that goes along with the beach holidays, they sort of got held off in the crisper box until I could get to them, fortunately in time. 


Among the advantages of fruit crisps, besides providing a means of using up fruit, and always seeming to be a traditional favorite sweet treat, is that they only take about fifteen minutes to prepare before baking.


A bit of a squeeze of lemon tossed with some sugar.



And then, just blend up your crumble mix for the topping.


What’s the song? ‘Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer.'

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