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Parsnip and Thyme Bread, The Cottage Cooking Club

Parsnip and Snip Bread

Last month, Andrea of the Kitchen Lioness, aka fearless leader of The Cottage Cooking Club announced a 6-month reunion of sorts.

The proposal was to prepare anything we wanted from another of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s cookbooks, “River Cottage Every Day” and, or, his Love Your Leftovers book. Of course, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to re-connect with some of the gals from our former online cooking group only somehow I missed the memo we were kneading the dough so to speak.

Sliced Parsnip and Thyme Bread

Having just spent two solid days in my kitchen preparing meals for both my family for when I’m away in Florida at the end of the month, then doubling this for the family elders freezers, I wasn’t so much in the mood for cooking today but then as part of the reunion we only post once a month.

Bunch of fresh thyme

So to market, to market, I went this morning for one parsnip for shredding, and a fresh bunch of thyme earnestly preparing today’s lovely Parsnip and thyme bread.

Even being a huge onion fan, there was perhaps too much of its flavor in the bread for my taste and another time I would use much less, slice it into half moons rather than whole slices, and add a bit more than a teaspoon of thyme. Rosemary would also work well with this savory loaf.

ingredients for parsnip and thyme bread

All said, along with the thyme and parsnip, the bread is real quick and easy to prepare with combined pantry basics of flour, salt, eggs, milk, and some pepper. And then, even quick and easy enough to share if you’ve somehow missed the memo.  

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