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One-Third Cup Sliders for Tailgating

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One-Third Cup Sliders for Tailgating

One-Third Cup Sliders for Tailgating

Early on in the Tailgate season Mark, one of our resident Team Chef Dad’s prepared a version of Bobby Flay Sliders topping the burgers with a specialty cheese and a southwest style sauce, they were delicious and a huge hit with the day’s crowd. 

Mark’s Sliders also helped us to assess the fact that even among the player-athletes, the One-Third Cup Slider is really the perfect size for serving our fresh burgers at the twice-weekly tailgates given the broad selection of other buffet dishes weekly offered on the Tailgate Table.

The Sliders also got me thinking about home Barbecues and Picnics too for while many folks enjoy going out to a restaurant and getting a huge burger now and again still when folks are offering a buffet table variety, a smaller burger as the  One-Third Cup Slider is a good size for the average person. Folks can always eat more sliders, too, if they want.


Once I began experimenting with the amount and decided on the one-third cup size,  Chef -Dad Mark enthusiastically approved it at the next Tailgate and we have been going with it since. The key on preparing these evenly sized appetizingly shaped Sliders is by using a one-third plastic measuring cup whose sides angle out- slant slightly making it easy to tap out and right onto a serving container. 


You can also fit more Burgers into a serving container for travel by preparing this size burger, you only need to find a smaller size roll. We have been using Martin’s Potato Rolls the best fit so far though a local bread bakery might also prepare fresh Slider rolls.

Especially on the heavy travel consecutive weeks of Tailgating or even if you have more than enough to do preparing a Barbecue for a group of friends, instead of specialty cheese and sauces simply top the Burgers with the Kraft Singles, quartered on site also makes things really easy. 


 With fall days still providing plenty of sun and warmth for sharing outdoor barbecues with family and friends, or bi-weekly feeding lots of folks at the Team Family Tailgate Sliders are a terrific way to enjoy a grilled burger while still leaving some room for all of the other tasty dishes spread across a Tailgate or Buffet Barbecue Table. And besides, they do meet the approval of a team resident Chef, Dad Mark. Enjoy. And as always, Go Team.

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