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Mussels in White Sauce

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Mussels in White Sauce

Mussels in White Sauce

There was a time when Mussels in White Sauce were all the buzz on where to find the ‘Best’ in the Philly region with particular attention to those smaller joints sprinkled throughout the tightly woven streets of South Philadelphia and then in the summer along the Jersey shore.

Among many ‘Best Mussels in White Sauce’ commonly meant who made the tastiest garlicky, spicy, intoxicating scented liquor simmered then served in big bowls alongside round, brown wicker baskets piled high with crusty Italian bread slices for ravenous dipping and soaking up the juices all between working ones way through the black, shiny, oval mollusks with big plump interiors. 


An amazing feature of Italian style Mussels in White Sauce is how just a few simple ingredients combined together form such a complexity of flavors.

It’s completely versatile too, for you can adjust as much garlic and hot pepper flakes as you like to scale the intensity up or down. Really, if you follow the basic ingredient format, practically anything you do, you can’t ruin it. 

A fun meal to share around the table with friends and family most any season of the year, a little wine, and lots and lots of crusty Italian bread piled high for dipping and soaking up the garlicky, spicy, intoxicating scented full flavored juices all enhance the flavor profile when it comes to cooking up a pot of the best around Mussels in White Sauce.

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