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Mexican Style Grilled Corn Salad

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Mexican Style Grilled Corn Salad

Grilled Mexican Street Corn and Grilled Mexican Style Salads are two tastes that I’ve been eager to try. No problem in Las Vegas for both are readily available and as commonly served at the barbecue as Jersey sweet corn dipped in melted butter. 

I got the corn at Cardenas Mexican Market and since the women around the heaping piles of corn on the cob display had included me in on the conversation discussing the quality and flavor of the corn I took the opportunity to inquire on versions of grilled Mexican Style Grilled Corn Salad.

A fun little encounter incurred with the usual suggested suspects for ingredients; green onion or red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, red pepper, chili powder, the suggestion of adding in chipotles in adobo sauce and also some cooked up nopales strips (cactus pads stripped of the prickles). The Nopales is another post for another day.

There was an even mix of preferences on the finishing flavors in using mayo, sour cream, crema, or a varied mixture of these, with the other option being squeezed lime and crumbled cheese. I went with the squeezed lime and Cotija cheese along with some dabs of butter in the finish. Served warm, this dish is packed with fun flavors and colorful enough to grace any barbecue or celebration buffet. And to the ladies conversing around the corn on the cob bin at Cardenas Mexican Market, Muchas, Muchas Gracias. 

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