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Mediterranean Style Meal in a Bowl

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Meditteranean Salad in a Bowl

Mediterranean Style Meal in a Bowl

It’s time to snuggle in a couple of large sized round budded colored mums into the hour glass shaped bluish grey cement planters on each side of my front door.

Lots of folks seem excited on the traditional rites of fall now moving closer by the day and though I’m usually its biggest fan this year I am admittedly entering it like getting into the cold ocean one toe at a time.

This might also have something to do with a posting a friend of mine placed on Facebook displaying a map of the United States showing Pennsylvania shaded in the colored overlay spanning the many states anticipating more than average snowfall this upcoming winter. I’ve had quite enough of snow days last winter. Thank You.

It causes me to ponder why we so seldom hear people speak of weather like death and taxes for no matter what Mother Nature chooses certainly we cannot avoid it.

There are ways we can however, temporarily at least, circumvent the inevitable such as embracing and appreciating the final harvest among many of the common garden flavors still upon us, green and red peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes to name a few. Right?

Combined then with a variety of additional standby ingredients and lending distinctions of Mediterranean influence, artichokes, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, capers, each unique flavor provides an added depth between the other fresh components giving complexity to the whole.

A Mediterranean Style Meal in a Bowl even seems to suggest a simple pleasurable meal in those longer days with warmer climates shared on an outdoor patio, at a picnic, even a tailgate.

If you, like me, are hesitant about this fall, or more so what the months following will bring, a Mediterranean Style Meal in a Bowl while the harvest is still plentiful is the best I can recommend, unless to suggest a grand winter getaway to a place that Mother Nature has already blessed with continual temperate climates, not snow days. 

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