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Is it National Cocktail Day or something like that yet? It should be. Yes. I propose it to be ideally celebrated somewhere around the time that you finish taking down all the Christmas decorations that took you a month to put up, and the children have returned to school.

It is possible that at least some others may have the same idea as me in recognizing a National Cocktail Day after the holidays for just today at a home on the other side of my neighborhood there was some sort of large festivity with a long line up of cars on the street, and lots of women looked to be having some sort of fun gathering. I could be wrong but I didn’t get the impression it was Bible study group. 


Though I do believe Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, I am always relieved to welcome in the New Year. Maybe you feel this way too. It’s nice to get back into a routine, or even engage in something new or fun. Like enjoying a hooray its over for another year cocktail! I’m talking a chilled Manhattan. A Maker’s Mark Manhattan. Happy New Year! I hope your year ahead will bring forth all you hope for.


January begins my ‘unofficial’ reading month, lots and lots of books, new titles received as gifts, other books purchased with gift certificates, and then, food magazines, those piled up high and spilling over the black metal box in my sun room from before Thanksgiving, having only been touched when separating the mail upon intermittent arrivals.

Among cooking related books my heart went pitter- patter when I finally received my copy of the David Lebovitz, “My Paris Kitchen” which, since they ran out of them at the food blogger convention last May, quite possibly marked the longest I have ever waited for a book I wanted to read. Of course, it didn’t come complete with autograph but C’est la vie.

Also in January, I enjoy quiet hikes on cold days and walks throughout the local Morris Arboretum which is quite beautiful any time of the year. And later, warming up to a nice crackling fire. Dreamy. How about you? Do you have any ‘unofficial’ special activities recurring during January that you engage in just because you simply enjoy doing them?


Being such a popular thing to do, this is also the time of year I really should come up with my word of the year. Nah. There is only one word to share for today, the one celebrating taking down the decorations that took a month to put up, the children returning back to school, and the grand hooray celebrating the symbolic, its over for another year! Manhattan. Or, two words, Chilled Manhattan. Or four words, Chilled Manhattan with cherry. Cheers Y’all.


Oh, lest I not forget, January also brings lots of television shows debuting their new seasons, like Downtown Abbey which I saw last night convincing me that this should be a two hour program. Otherwise, they should just re-show the previous episode enabling a better observe and insight into those many little details surrounding the castle life that one can easily miss the first time around.

There’s lots to share in the year ahead. Like the unofficial National Cocktail Day, now having taken down  all the Christmas decorations that took a month to put up and the children have returned to school.

Breathe in. Relax. Enjoy a Manhattan. Chilled Manhattan. Maker’s Mark Manhattan. With a cherry. Happy unofficial National Cocktail Day and Happy New Year!

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