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Mac and Cheese, Large Shells, ‘no-waste’ cheddar

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Mac and Cheese, Large Shells

Mac and Cheese, Large Shells, ‘no-waste’ cheddar

Sifting through the hard, clear, plastic organizer in the refrigerator whose bin displays a white sticker labeled ‘CHEESE,’ there sat an assortment of parchment wrapped remnants from the holidays, in particular, lots of leftover cheddar.  

Looking to put this to good use we have today’s Mac and Cheese, Large shells, ‘no-waste’ cheddar. 

I’m off to lunch with Aunt Betty. You have to admire her generation who, in many cases through sheer ingenuity were quite creative in whipping up dishes using up this and that between leftover food ingredients including  through an enduring ‘no waste’ era. 

Perhaps she will have some additional tips to share too, for at 89, when it comes to food, cooking, and ‘no waste’ tips her inspiration is quite extraordinaire.

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