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London Broil, Red Wine Sauce

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London Broil, Red Wine Sauce

London Broil, Red Wine Sauce

Have you ever thought to yourself, aw geez, just when I finally learned how to properly open a wine bottle with a really nice cork remover, why did they have to change the process to screw caps?

On the other hand, when it comes to the ease of opening items, perhaps this is a big break for many.

I mean really, we talk about carbon footprint while at the same time the heavy plastic packaging becomes more and more complex and cumbersome to open, even among the most basic necessities.

It seems an irony. Don’t even get me started on my thoughts about standardizing some of these required electrical plugs for our tech gadgets. Is there a reason we cannot use one type of plug for all phones and tablets? How about toys and other electrical appliances? I mean have they ever done a study on how many times around the world these plugs and wires load our landfills?

I have this vision of someday hearing something like, ‘Oh that Mary, God Rest her soul, she had such a zest for life but her will for opening packaging was more than she could sustain.’

One of the good things about this recipe for London Broil with Red Wine Sauce, besides easily creating an amazing flavored sauce to go along with your grilled London Broil in less than fifteen minutes, is that nothing in the recipe involves any complexity of plastic package opening, especially now that you can simply twist off your wine bottle, and thus your zest for life may continue, making this not more than you can sustain.

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