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Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken

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Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken

Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken

Before I began growing sage on my deck, outside of using a bit of the dry sage spice variety in stuffing (you know the dry kind I mean, good scent, with a vaguely moldy appearance) it never had a real appeal to me.

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Like most fresh herbs the scent of fresh sage has its own unique fragrance, vaguely familiar to a fresh evergreen tree, perhaps because perennial sage is part of the evergreen family, called a sub-shrub categorizing its shorter size as compared to its grander size family members though still being a woody plant.

Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken

Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken


Outside in the planter, the sage leaves even in sub-zero temps of the winter remain standing firm, only less of their fullness beginning in the spring when plants return to life and overflow their soft, light color cross between olive and pale minty green.

Though I should cut back the stems in the fall, I don’t, since I appreciate looking at those woody stems with small remaining leaves in the cold wintry days as a little nature reminder contemplating the renewal season to come.

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The waft of fresh sage dropped into some boiling hot oil then sizzled crackling for just a few moments creates a perfume worth even the inhale. The immediate scent curiously delivers an appeal of earthiness and matches well with any type of poultry, including roast chicken.

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The Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken is quickly achieved simply by lifting the skin apart from the meat and stuffing in thin slices of lemon to cover each side of the breast. Then top the lemon slices with sage leaves. The effect is quite pretty.

I season the top of the Roasting Chicken with some garlic powder, salt and lots of pepper and into the oven it goes. I sauteed some cubes of stale baguette from the day before into sauteed mushrooms to served along side the just roasted dish.

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For a wafting finish heat your saute pan until hot add in a bit of olive oil and once oil is very, very hot drop in some leaves of the Sage swirling the pan for twenty to thirty seconds until the sage darkens and the scent is strong, then pour the sage with oil over the Roast Chicken Servings.

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Though the Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken is comforting food in the winter, the fresh leaves and scent will continue to inspire pleasant thoughts of the shooting leaves and new growth on the deck planter in the season to come.


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