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Leftover Grilled Steak with Melted Butter and Toast

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Leftover Grilled Steak with Melted Butter and Toast

Leftover Grilled Steak with Melted Butter and Toast

Do you have any favorite vacation meals from your childhood? On the edge of my seat, my hand is wildly shooting back and forth in the air right now, I do. I do.


Steak and melted butter on toast. Really. It happened one summer day in Brigantine, a beach destination at the Jersey shore. It was lunch and I was sitting in the tiny kitchen on the wood bench that backed up closest to the window. Wide, old fashioned metal blinds covered the frame, the type that if not fully pulled up in the morning smacked against your head dinging with a mere jilt backwards causing the piece to sway this way and that.


Uncle Joe was discussing the latest technique on using up leftover grilled steak. The good part was that it didn’t require cooking a whole new meal for the extended family crowd gathered into the little white house with red shutters surrounded by the white picket fence. Melted butter on steak with toast was quick, easy, and plenty filling enough with the added bonus of consequently enabling both parents and children more beach time, or an extended happy hour, whichever the case.


The cousins, all under the age of thirteen, thought the whole idea of leftover steak sandwiched between strips of white toast drizzled, (poured) from bowls of melted butter fascinating, even fancy, grown up. The dish was served alongside fresh cooked ears of everyone’s favorite, Jersey corn, also brushed with copious amounts of guess what? more butter. Accompanied with probably the only time during the year we ever used a salt shaker at the dining table (a must for corn on the cob.) Yum.

Corn on the cob shortly in season, a little leftover grilled steak on the side, some nice sliced sourdough bread, I’m off to get the butter. 

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