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‘Last but not Least’ Roasted Potatoes and Aubergines, April Cottage Cooking Club, our Farewell to River Cottage veg everyday!


Welcome to our April edition of the Cottage Cooking Club where for twenty-four months, a whole two years, a group of food bloggers from around the world have joined together, along with our fearless leader, Andrea Mohr, of ‘The Kitchen Lioness, Notes from a Very Small Kitchen,’ collectively cooking our way through the cookbook, “River Cottage veg everyday!” by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, British author and television personality.



The experience has been a treasured one, the opportunity to prepare and share with others a variety of interesting recipes tucked into the pages of one single subject cookbook, Vegetables.


Throughout our time together the group’s mission was to incorporate more vegetables into our daily preparation, threaded along with what was fresh and local during seasons throughout the year.


Most of all, The Cottage Cooking Club enabled meeting some really terrific, talented, lovely individuals, getting to know them better through personal interactions, as well as through many of their blogs during these months.


Today marks the final farewell of “River Cottage veg everyday!” this cookbook that we have gotten to know so well, preparing its broad variety of vegetable dishes, while exploring some new ideas as well as preparation methods.

My final preparation displayed above is Roasted Potatoes and Aubergines which was positively fabulous and enthusiastically received by all.  The method, including the process of heating the oil in the roasting dish until the oil was sizzling hot was an interesting one, then tossing through the cut potatoes and eggplant pieces with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. About 30 minutes into the roasting, chopped garlic was stirred through, and in my case, the addition of a chopped poblano pepper with a lovely red and green color. Finished off with a sprinkling of fresh chopped parsley and chives, this dish captured the essence of the many excellent preparations I have enjoyed, along with family, and friends. A few of these dishes I’ve garnished throughout today’s post in fond memory of these many preparations.


Some of the months in our two year adventure with Cottage Cooking Club while cooking through the designated choices, provided the organizational ability and time in which to prepare a broad sampling, then other months, well, just like life, in the midst of assorted obligations, food events, and other activities sprinkled throughout, the race was on to complete all of the desired dishes by the 28th day, our standard posting date. Still, for certain, I wouldn’t have traded any of it.


To Dear Andrea, Members of The Cottage Cooking Club, Thank You for the bounty of many fun filled, humorous, tender, and delicious memories, I surely appreciate all with great fondness, our many happy months together at the Shared Table with “River Cottage veg everyday!”

To see the postings of what other Cottage Cooking Club Members prepared as their final dishes from the cookbook, River Cottage veg everyday! click here.





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