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A few months ago assorted food bloggers were sharing posts on kitchen mishaps, some were really funny, some hilarious and each provided a sure laugh to lighten the day. It got me to thinking that except that I’m just plain not that funny and don’t have any really great kitchen mishap stories to share.


 Truth is, I hadn’t thought of ever sharing classic tomato and cheese lasagna for a post either, mostly because it’s common and there are likely millions of recipes.


This morning it occurred to me to just go ahead and post what I’m making in my kitchen right now, where plenty has been churning out. The notion actually came to me after receiving a thoughtful inquiry in my inbox this morning from a dear blogger friend, Kelly Rodriguez, of A Lovely Life Indeed. This is the same Kelly who once shared her spectacular Sangria recipe on Spiced Peach Blog.

And as Kelly often does inspire others, her little message and update got me back into post mode and then sparked the recall of a darn good potential kitchen mishap a couple of years back that happened to actually involve simple tomato and cheese Lasagna!

In fact, could well have been a calamity. I should say in part that connecting the memory of that simple tomato and cheese Lasagna was coincidentally linked to a similar scenario at that time, the J-Dude being under the weather and home from school with me as he has been the past couple of days, only back then it surrounded a real time crunch expecting up to fifty people, the team and coaches of the American University field hockey team, along with parents in town for the weekend matches.


Since I’ve already shared that I’m just not that funny of a person, today I will alternatively share one important cooking tip for avoiding one kitchen mishap that could turn to calamity: If you are expecting up to fifty guests, or, hosting your daughter’s college sports team for dinner at your home when they come into town for game weekend, should one of those dishes planned involve preparing a simple tomato and cheese lasagna, never, ever, ever, use anything but dry, boxed LASAGNA noodles.


Freshly made lasagna sheets, if purchased, are much too thin for such an occasion. Looking back now, having a sick child at home is sort of distracting and not conducive to making homemade pasta noodles where one can control the thickness, so what then ever caused me to alternatively purchase fresh lasagna sheets at an Italian market instead of just opting for the dry variety makes me question what in the world I was possibly thinking.

Fresh purchased lasagna noodles are also not sturdy in texture nor are they adaptable to flexible timing.

Hence, after all of the work put forth preparing sauce from fresh tomatoes, grating the finest cheeses, whipping up a beautiful infused béchamel sauce those freshly purchaded lasagna noodles nearly withered beneath breaking down between the layers of its liquid and cheesy contents.

And so while admittedly still nicely flavored, tasty, and colorful, and perhaps the tenderness of these pasta strips mostly went unnoticed but when it comes to entertaining, the fresh lasagna sheets are not a recommended ingredient chance worth taking.


Provided you remember to turn on your oven beforehand, cooking up the standard box of dried lasagne noodles for your simple tomato and cheese lasagna near guarantees your success, and the avoidance of any kitchen mishap eliminating the potential for calamity especially when serving large crowds, which alternatively would be well, sort of like me, just plain out not all that funny.

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