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Kate’s Southwestern Style Eggs Benedict with Easy Jalapeno Hollandaise

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Southwestern Style Eggs Benedict

Kate’s Southwestern Style Eggs Benedict with Easy Jalapeno Hollandaise

Kate in the Kitchen

Over the winter (it is over, right?)

I had the opportunity to feature Kate for the local Blue Bell magazine. Given the task of a Brunch recipe, the high school sophomore prepared this very tasty Southwestern Style Eggs Benedict with Easy Jalapeno Hollandaise.

Really, this dish adapts well to any season and any time of day so if you enjoy foods with a Southwestern twist then you will love giving this a try!

Southwestern style food is one of Kate’s favorite cuisines favoring the bright colored ingredients and diverse options for bold fresh flavors. She also likes the flexibility of adding in a light touch of spicy heat revving things up with some bite and contrast.

Somewhere between the Chorizo sausage and onion lightly sizzling in the pan, and just before the final sprinkling of minced garlic, a meaningful part of the visit was simply observing this teens’ proper application of cooking techniques, her knowledge of science-based knowledge in food preparation, and her awareness of styles and history of foods. Need I say more on how impressive she is?

2 brown eggs in a bowl

I wondered, if she could possibly have learned all this just by watching cooking shows on the Food Network channel such as Chopped along with episodes of famed chefs like Bobby Flay?

In addition to the Food Channel, Kate began her journey of learning cooking techniques and honing her skills through area cooking classes, including at Sur La Table. She then also began preparing some family meals through the food delivery service, Hello Fresh.

golden onion

Besides being a pretty exceptional individual, I have to share that Kate also has a very amazing mom, Tracey, a former school teacher, who has afforded her daughter plenty of encouragement and space for growth in areas of intellectual curiosity.

Both Mom and Tracey have also shared many fun life experiences together enabling the first-hand tasting of artistically plated dishes at trending restaurants, including all four of Bobby Flay’s restaurants and Alex Guarnaschelli’s Butter in NYC. 

halved lemon

Experiences aside, this very grounded high school sophomore who hopes to one day be a veterinarian, is quite a lovely and grateful young woman with a unique openness to life’s many possibilities, including the simple pleasures of preparing and sharing a homemade brunch with others. Her newest specialty, Southwestern Style Eggs Benedict with Easy Jalapeno Hollandaise.


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