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Fuyu Persimmon Gingerbread Bundt Cake, “Jewels From My Grove, Persimmons, Kumquats & Blood Oranges”

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Fuyu Persimmon Gingerbread Bundt Cake, "Jewels From My Grove, Persimmons, Kumquats & Blood Oranges"

Fuyu Persimmon Gingerbread Bundt Cake, “Jewels From My Grove, Persimmons, Kumquats & Blood Oranges”


Cooking is a life long journey, not only in its flavors, experiences, and memories but in its countless possibilities, there is also always something new to learn.

Sometimes you might even encounter a whole new sensation quite pleasurable to taste, and end up wondering how you ever missed it. And this is how it transpired for me in the recent tasting and preparation of the Fuyu Persimmon,

I might have missed out on this delicious experience too if it hadn’t been for Amy at Chefs Press who had recently contacted me on their newest cookbook for its review, “Jewels From My Grove, Persimmons, Kumquats & Blood Oranges, Reflections and Recipes” by Helene Beck. 


I should admit that despite the current trend in cookbook publishing, I’m not really a fan of single subject cookbooks, but there are exceptions to every rule and this cookbook outside of the fact that I could have read more and more on the interesting life and experiences surrounding Beck Grove, the place that Helene Beck and her husband, Robert, completely transformed beginning shortly after their arrival in 1982, had me quite smitten.

You can’t even imagine the trove of creative recipes that may be prepared using the fruits, Persimmons, Kumquats, & Blood Oranges. Like the title says, “Jewels From My Grove.”

Within the first section of recipes contained in the book shares persimmons, which is my focus today as they have recently made their seasonal appearance. One special feature of the Persimmon is the use of its puree easily wizzed up in your food processor after removing the little floral papery lid on top (no need to peel the fruit) that may then be frozen for future use as I’ve done, and in sharing with you today one of the recipes from the book, Fuyu Persimmon Gingerbread Bundt Cake. Oh my goodness. So delicious. 


As you might be aware, I know my way around the Asian and International markets fairly well.

Sometime around early fall each year, for years, at the corner entrance of the market there are stacked cases of Fuyu Persimmons halfway to the ceiling.

I’ve never gifted a box of persimmons to friends nor prepared this treasured fruit though I did know that it was prized, admittedly because only the prized fruits for gifting appear in cases at the front entryway at the local Asian market.

This year, as soon as they appeared, I reached up and snagged an early case. As I write, you might want to get yours now too for they only appear in this limited window of season, and what’s more exciting is that last week I observed something I’ve never seen at the local Asian market, Assi, loose bins of persimmons which should make it perfect for you to give them a sample if you don’t want to make a big commitment on the outset before trying them first. I’ll bet you’ll be delightfully fascinated and pleased as me.


The soft cover cookbook of “Jewels From My Grove” is gorgeously printed with brightly colored photographs alongside the recipes, each looks so luscious as do visual cookbooks that take your breath away in their beauty, or leave you salivating and confused on what to prepare first, both applied in my case.

I couldn’t even imagine the sheer diversity of preparation with these fruits, particularly the persimmon, how about a Chipotle Fuyu Persimmon and Pumpkin Soup? Grilled Lobster with Fuyu Persimmon Chipotle Sauce? A juicy Fuyu Persimmon Chipotle Prime Rib with Cardamom Spice Rub anyone? I want to make them all. Perhaps I shall.


Now I don’t mean to completely leave out the also less common Kumquat in today’s post, and perhaps I shouldn’t, but will admit, as an individual possessing a lot of food knowledge, that when the Kumquat’s appear around the Christmas season each year, I’ve always bought batches to tuck into my greens decorations. They do look beautiful and enhance arrangements, but I have never prepared anything using the kumquat.

This holiday season I shall. Upon viewing the kumquat section of the cookbook, along with sharing a few main course options, there tends a greater appearance in its baked goods and sweets selections, again leaving the reader with so many delicious choices one doesn’t know where to begin first.

For starters one might enjoy the Kumquat-Glazed Chicken with Bok Choy and move on along to Kumquat Coconut Sponge Cake or really call out the stops with a lovely Kumquat Ginger and Blood Orange Roulade with White Chocolate Cream. There is also a Kumquat Noodle Pudding (Kugel) that I now plan to take to my next door neighbors Hanukkah gathering this year.


One unique feature that arrived in my box delivery with “Jewels From My Grove, Persimmons, Kumquats & Blood Oranges Reflections & Recipes” cookbook included some of the authors gourmet condiments from Beck Grove Organics under the name La Vigne Organics begun twenty years back by the author and her husband. These can be ordered online, along with fresh fruit deliveries straight from the source if these fruits are not readily available in your locale. 

Above, includes a Persimmon Chipotle Sauce, and a recipe for preparing the same is also included in the early pages of the cookbook. You can purchase Kumquat Conserve as I used in today’s recipe, but an easy recipe for its preparation is also included in the book. Its all up to you.



Flipping through the recipes of “Jewels From My Grove” one can easily observe the flavor influences of California and southwestern influences of preparation as Helene and Robert began their journey leaving their home in Los Angeles to rekindle their desire for tranquility.

Landing on their newly loved property now many years back in the agricultural northern part of San Diego County the couple then faced a range of challenges with the grounds problematic soil and root rot, including many diseased avocado trees on the grounds.

Through lots of hard work, enthusiasm, and determination the Beck’s then learned all they could in their perceived best direction, organic and sustainable farming, alongside then replacing the avocado trees with citrus, the tree crop recommended to Helene and Robert as the best choice given their soil conditions.

With the first three years dedicated to implementing all organic principles the path was a clear one over their many years of continuous efforts and progress now evolved, according to Helene Beck as “a wholly sustainable grove producing fifteen crops of the highest quality, along with having two cows to provide fertilizer for our grove.”


One of the very fun and surprising tidbits on the back of the book for me includes “Praise for Jewels From My Grove” from one of my all time favorite television food hosts, Rick Bayless. I absolutely love his PBS programs on “Mexico- One Plate at a Time.” I thought it might be fun to conclude with his notation as sort of an inspiration, lest you like me, knew little about Persimmons and Kumquats, or maybe even Blood Oranges, for even Rick Bayless found his “horizons broadened” through his visit to Beck Grove, and cooking with author, Helene Beck.

Perhaps you too will be inspired through the “Reflections & Recipes” shared in this book, gathering in knowledge, preparations, and pleasures of these distinctive fruits and their many diverse possibilities.                              


You may purchase a copy of “Jewels From My Grove, Persimmons, Kumquats & Blood Oranges Reflections & Recipes” through  Chefs Press Amazon, LaVigne Organics.

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