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Herbed Beef Roll-Ups

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Herbed Beef Roll Ups


Herbed Beef Roll-Ups

Herbed Beef Roll-Ups are quick and easy to prepare using some thinly sliced beef with any combination of fresh herbs mixed with some Parmesan Cheese and butter toasted breadcrumbs.

Fresh lemon wedges provide some light freshness and enhance flavor to the finished dish. You can even serve Beef Roll-Ups cold or at room temperature slicing just before serving. If serving hot, tent the cooked rolls for at least ten minutes so the roll-ups will stay together when slicing.

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Chop some fresh parsley, you can also use some fresh basil and thyme.

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Herbed Beef Roll-Ups also make a great dish for a buffet luncheon, even a picnic.

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Chopped rosemary adds a great flavor to the roll ups after removing the leaves from the stems.

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Melt some butter into a pan

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Add a cup and two thirds of bread crumbs to the butter, stir until well incorporated and toast lightly, remove from heat. Set aside one and a third cup for coating the beef. Mix the other third cup of bread crumbs with a third cup of Parmesan Cheese stirring in the fresh chopped herbs  as shown below.

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Beat an egg or two for dipping the prepared beef roll-ups into.

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Lay one thinly sliced piece of beef at a time onto a work plate

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Spread a thin amount of the herbed bread crumb and Parmesan mixture all across the beef slice.

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Gently but firmly roll up the coated beef slice then dip into the beaten egg and next into the reserved butter toasted bread crumbs.

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Once all of your beef slices are prepared, heat a large cast iron pan, add a few Tablespoons butter, melt, and gently add the prepared beef roll ups to the pan cooking over low heat and turning as each side turns golden on each side. Finish off  the roll-ups in a 350 degree oven for about 7-10 minutes. Let finished roll-ups set for at least ten minutes before slicing with a sharp serrated knife.

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Serve alongside lemon wedges.

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