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Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor GIVEAWAY!

Homemade Stuffing Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor GIVEAWAY!

When you’re using the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor the only thing you need to learn is your recipe.


And today, compliments of Hamilton Beach we are giving away one Stack and Snap Food Processor on Spiced Peach Blog!


Perhaps you would like to win the Stack & Snap Food Processor for your daughter, your friend, your mom, your sister, or even little ole you?

Using the Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food Processor my youngest daughter Alex whizzed up the onions and celery for her first-ever preparation of turkey stuffing on Thanksgiving morning. Moments later, the ingredients sautéed in a giant pot with lots of butter, before adding in the stale bread pieces, lots of fresh herbs, seasonings, and homemade turkey/ chicken stock. Snap. Refrigerated, and ready for the turkey a little later on. Darn good for a first-time food processor user. It really was that easy!


Meanwhile, another good feature is the ease of following a super quick and easy wash and dry. All clean. Again placed on the chopping/mixing blade, the cooked and drained vegetables of fresh carrots and turnips were turned out into the processor bowl, snap went the lid, wiz, wiz, wiz, butter added, wiz. Sprinklings of salt and pepper are stirred through. Snap. Another side dish ready for the feast, Carrot and Turnip Mash.


Now, besides chopping vegetables or pureeing cooked vegetables or soups, you can also shred cheese with the Stack & Snap Food Processor. This food processor seems particularly ideal for those busy folks on the go who need a few simple tasks done quickly. There are no complicated equipment pieces to learn, no struggling on figuring out attachments, just basic purpose, it’s all very clear, stick it in, or stick it on.

For shredding cheese, you simply stick the round metal disk right onto the motor stick with the side up that says ‘shred,’ you put a rectangular log of cheese down the feed tube, turn on the machine, and use the plastic do-dad food pusher to push it in. No fingers, and adult supervision please, but even my almost 9-year-old grandson, the J-Dude (who just lost his two front teeth and needs them for Christmas) can do it!


Cooking with Kids eh? Great Stuff. He did it! Guess this means that your daughter, friend, mom, sister, or even little ole’ you can easily use the Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food Processor too!


With a batch of nice sharp shredded cheese, you can prepare Little Reds Twice Baked Potatoes, the same as a 9-year-old that just lost his two front teeth. Shredding task complete, the J- Dude then combined a handful of the sharp cheddar into the mixing bowl with hot scooped-out baked potatoes, some butter, milk, and a dab of sour cream beating together with our nearly fifteen-year-old Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer before the second baking of these stuffed little red beauties. Voila!


Perfect for preparing holiday meals, the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap enables you to quickly prepare delicious food with the least amount of stress, along with being a handy appliance to use throughout the year. 

Would you like to Win a #Stack & Snap Food Processor from Hamilton Beach?

You have until noon on Wednesday to scroll down to just beneath the autumn-gold-colored ‘Leave A Comment’ box below and simply share: one food or special dish you would prepare with the Stack & Snap Food Processor if you won!  That’s it! Well, there are a couple disclosures, like you need to be 18 years or older to join, reside in the USA, and Hamilton Beach is not able to ship a Stack & Snap Food Processor to a PO Box number. Now that’s it!

The winner will be chosen by a random selection and announced on Wednesday evening. I will need the winners’ addresses so Hamilton Beach can ship the prize.


Food Processors arrived on the market for home use some years back now, and quickly became a hot item on many holiday gift lists, including mine. Packaged under the Christmas tree in my first new home was a Hamilton Beach Food Processor. A different design and function than today’s Stack & Snap, this appliance lasted me for twenty-three years through large parties, extensive catering, and a whole lot of whizzing! It was one of the few appliances I didn’t replace when moving to my second home. Though I cannot guarantee the dependability or durability of any appliance, including today’s, my own past experiences have provided a very good approval rating for Hamilton Beach Products, along with welcoming the convenience of other new modern features such as this quick and easy-to-use Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor.


Hamilton Beach sent me a Stack & Snap Food Processor for testing, and, for an honest review, as such I am required to share that with you as part of the FTC rules. My opinions and the shared experiences with this product are my own. On an ongoing basis, I am sent products, or am inquired about product reviews from various companies which I only share on Spiced Peach Blog about those I actually use, or, would regularly use upon positive testing, and further, that I believe would benefit readers in their introduction. Today’s Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor Giveaway is sponsored by Hamilton Beach. Thank you for joining us at the shared table on Spiced Peach Blog along the spice road of food and friendship. Good Luck with the Giveaway!

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