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Grilled Whole Chicken Legs with Rosemary and Thyme

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Grilled Whole Chicken Legs with Rosemary and Thyme

Grilled Whole Chicken Legs with Rosemary and Thyme

 Its hard to describe what has been going on between the stones and blacktop that line my little street on the cul de sac over the past couple of weeks.

Sure I’ve noticed that us neighbors kind of slow down and angle our cars to get down opposite sides of the narrow street at the same time over the years offering a little wave to each other as we pass, there have even been occasions  when we collaboratively juggled cars to accommodate whoever had a house repair or remodel going on, but nothing compares to this current state of affairs where everyone is seemingly doing every major project at once.

 In the midst of my long, very long, wait in the actual Installation of my Kitchen Redo, about the time the workers in trucks finally appear for purposes of removing the old cabinets, painting ceilings and patching walls, electric adjustments, plumbing arrangements, other neighbors major projects all begin to proceed with new roofs and windows, landscape materials, let us not forget freight delivery trucks, along with Fed-Ex and the UPS guy all aligning the street among the longest and largest of flat bed and otherwise oversize trucks frustratingly jostling to maneuver in and out.

The Home Association informed us all by mail in the midst of this complete chaos about our street closing then for one day, due to road re-surfacing, sorry for the inconvenience.

Really? Is that timing or what?

Third Photos 067

 The electrician working in my kitchen that day needed to lug all of his equipment over his shoulder for about a block before the other Kitchen Redo workers arrived, folks coming in and out of every door in my house.

Oh, I forgot to mention the J-Dude and his posse of seven-year old buddies hadn’t started camp yet. ‘No, you cannot climb the roofing ladders and try to take a piece of a roof off’, ‘No you cannot ask the landscapers if they will inform you on finding any worms’, ‘OK you can all have Popsicles but Please close the freezer door!’ ‘Candy? You just had popsicles five minutes ago.’ ‘You want to play with water balloons?’ ‘You cannot fill water balloons in the laundry room where the plumber is working, Stop, boys, you just soaked the plumber, onto the deck PLEASE.’ And to think I had actually begun to believe I was gracefully mellowing into one of those comatose older parent states, you know grandparents completely calm and easy going with the Grandkids in tow, I tell you it’s all delusional.

Third Photos 066

 As I eagerly anticipate the end of the chaos and a beautiful new kitchen next week, I’m in the interim preparing some foods easily prepped then grilled, like today’s Grilled Whole Chicken Legs with Rosemary and Thyme.

Since we will need to eat out once the sink and oven are temporarily out of service in a couple of days I thought today would be a perfect time to prepare some Whole Grilled Chicken Legs with Rosemary and Thyme, snipping the thriving herbs right off the planters outside the door.

Meanwhile, I’m off to maneuver my car the next block up thus insuring any needed space for the Kitchen Redo guys with the cabinets and tiles and countertops, and of course, a large size delivery truck, did I tell you I chose a Wolf Oven? I can smell the bread baking now.

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