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Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain

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Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain

Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain

If you ask my daughters how frequently I serve sandwiches for dinner the answer might be perhaps something like um… never.

This is true, I do not serve sandwiches for dinner and I am not sure why. With so many, healthy and flavorful multi-grain breads easily at access in any local market there really is no reason not to put together something quick and easy that can be filled with any combination of simple and fresh ingredients, as well as something tasty and  elegant like French Comte Cheese.

The idea though of preparing a simple sandwich for a Post, outside of my after Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich with Avocado Tomato Guacamole, Arugula, and Meunster Cheese as a post-holiday luncheon feature, I was a bit unsure so it had me running to catch up with my neighbor friend Lisa at the bus stop to get her thoughts on the idea.

One reason for checking in with Lisa on the subject is that I was thinking about a simple sandwich, multi-grain bread spread with a tangy mustard seed grain Mustard, grilled in between just a few very thin slices of ham, a handful of fresh baby spinach leaves, and the ‘Piece de la resistance’, some lovely and luxuriously lined sliced pieces of French Comte Cheese.

The combination really is delightful, Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain.

As Lisa looked forward to the grilled specialty, we went our separate ways from the school morning bus stop and headed home.

French Comte Cheese is available at upscale cheese shops, including markets that offer selections of interesting cheeses such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

One of the keys on the Comte Cheese, I think, to savor the flavor at its fullest, is making sure that before eating, either on a cheese tray, or, melted within a sandwich that you let the cheese sit out and come to room temperature. When I hear folks, saying that many cheeses do not exhibit enough flavor or taste, the common reason is that you must eat the cheese as designed, savored at room temperature.

According to the Cheese France Website, Comte is actually an ancient cheese from the time of Charlemagne, which puts this specialty into history from the Middle Ages.

Today, Comte is an AOC product, which is the French Designation from among a select group of food and agricultural products whose area of origin designates both the specialty product and name association.

Comte also served as the original Fondue Cheese, a nice little piece of knowledge given this cheese melts so perfectly while contributing so many infused flavors to this simple sandwich.

As I finish writing this Post, the deck bird feeder continues to sway back and forth in the wind, clouds above winning today’s battle while I patiently wait for the sun to provide just a glimpse, one photograph with natural light, capturing the simplicity of this elegant but simple, flavorful Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain.

A chance to put my brand new macro lens to the test, while feeling confident you will like this sandwich,  I hope you like the Photo, but most of all enjoy the delicious Grilled Comte, Ham, and Spinach on Multi-Grain.

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