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Grilled Chicken, Sweet Corn, Mixed Peppers Salsa

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Grilled Chicken, Sweet Corn, Mixed Peppers Salsa

Grilled Chicken, Sweet Corn, Mixed Peppers Salsa

 Are you ready for some Tailgating?

The fall sports season is about to begin. Folks all over the country are readying their grills, cleaning out the coolers, freezing the ice packs, and getting supplies and travel containers ready to go for the season ahead.

Our Team Family Tailgate is one that provides a post-game celebratory meal for the athletes, their families, and friends after each game during the sports season, typically twice each week, and that’s a whole lot of feeding to be done over the next twelve weeks.

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The coordination of a successful Team Family Tailgate operates much like the sports team, the parents of the athletes need to communicate and work in sync together to create a winning event.

Each parent on the team is important to its success. Critical to the leadership is the volunteer leader who oversees the Tailgate Box. Week in and week out the leader of the Tailgate Box, sees to the consistent supplies needed for the event, and then, at the end of that week’s event, takes home all of the supplies, tablecloths, serving utensils, equipment, cleans them and sees that the box is fully re-stocked for the following weeks games.

The coordination of a well stocked and organized Tailgate Box insures a smooth running event for Team Family Tailgates or any ongoing community program regularly gathering for outdoor meals or BBQ’s.

Being the Tailgate Box Leader is kind of like being a Midfielder, everything needs to run through them, yet they do not have their own designated category for Player of the Week. Moreover, no Team Family Tailgate can operate effectively and create a championship event without their leadership and commitment.

This weekend is the team’s first exhibition match and an opportunity to welcome all of the new team recruits and their families.

It also marks the season’s First Team Family Tailgate with all of those that will share many friendships and post celebratory seasons ahead. As part of this great tradition, the new parents will all become acquainted with the Tailgate Box.

The Box, a large piece of plastic really, but it represents more than just a list of items, it is a big part of how the parents of the athletes will function together as a unit, a team organizing and providing meals to many attendees in the season ahead.


Now for my game day specialty this week, Grilled Chicken with Sweet Corn and Mixed Pepper Salsa. Because the Tailgate Box is in order, all of the team parents are able to focus full attention on the preparation and display among dishes provided.

When your game day is over and celebrating through, one final Tailgate tip for the week: Be sure to Thank Your Team Family Tailgate Box Leader, they are whom it all runs through. Go Team!!!

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