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This is the Best Grilled Cheese I’ve Ever Had

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This is the Best Grilled Cheese I've Ever Had

This is the Best Grilled Cheese I’ve Ever Had

Anyone ever say to you while eating your grilled cheese sandwich ‘This is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had?’ 

Yes, well strangely this frequently happens whenever I make Grilled Cheese.

Just last week, my youngest daughter Alex’s longtime friend, Allison, was out at the house working on some food shots. Allison Zaucha is a professional photographer and shoots in many genres, some of these award winning, but she recently had a curiosity on getting a feel for photographing food.


 Arriving with a full anchor of calibrated lenses and expansive equipment our short planned session transitioned into this incredibly fabulous and productive working day positioning arrays of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, moving in and out of varying stages of food preparation techniques and processes, each specifically staged and designed with complementary props.

For hours we were so focused on the sets, I even forgot to prepare something for lunch.

Out came the quick and easy standby ingredients, Jewish style rye bread, cheddar cheese and some tablespoons of butter. Butter. That’s it.

Well, all except the technique of cooking the sandwich very slowly in butter, on very low heat, pressing firmly onto the bread with the long black handled plastic spatula and cooking to golden brown perfection, around five minutes on each side before flipping, adding in a little more butter.

Taking a few bites of the buttery slight outer crunch of the rye holding together the oozing, hot white gooey cheese, it happened again,  the same as many times before. Looking up from the spot that for previous hours had served a make-shift studio, Allison announced, “This is the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had.”

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