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Green Speckled Thin Spaghetti

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Green Speckled Thin Spaghetti


Green Speckled Thin Spaghetti

So far, it’s been a rather blustery day, not unlike those we see in April. We all know that April showers bring May flowers, and so this gives us uplifting hope.

Even this very morning, I was tickled for a peek of the magnificent beauty soon to burst forth while walking my grandson, the J-Dude and his buddy to the bus stop. Small, budding green leaves tightly protecting the purple crocuses that like a miracle had sprouted overnight.


Late day yesterday, warm sunshine still streamed through while tumbling bright green herbs into the food processor, those plenty of extra picked leaves left over from Sunday’s Easter Dinner assortment along with extra chopped garlic remaining from the day’s prep ingredients. This combination provided just enough to prepare a sort of pesto, sans the pine nuts, that is spring inspired green speckles twirled about with pasta like little birds nests on a plate, Green Speckled Thin Spaghetti.

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